Sin City Apes

Breeding APINA Pals

explanation of the APINA Pals and how it connects into the ecosystem

What Are APINA pals?

Introducing APINA Pals. Our version of “breeding,” but done correctly. We don’t want our users to just breed NFTs and have them sit in their wallet with 0 use case. We want to do something much bigger.
$APINA Pals will essentially enable you to turn a large amount of $APINA into a new NFT. It can be a new Sin City ape accessory NFT, or it can be a “crossbreed” NFT that links you to a project that’s partnering with us closely. In the latter case, you will then gain additional utility from that project. In both cases, you can of course choose to sell that NFT whenever you want.
Your APINA Pal will also have the ability to be your metaverse Pet/Companion., thus you will be able to have you APINA Pal with you by your side as your won personal pet in the metaverse to go stroll around with.

Why Crossbreed?

The reason why we’re interested in “cross-breeding” is because it brings more value to our community. Others will be interested in acquiring an APINA Pal and they would need $APINA to create one, which then in turn means they would either have to acquire $APINA from a seller or stake a Sin City Ape to start earning $APINA.

What Kind of Utility?

Utility is different for every community, but overall we want each “APINA Pal” to have utility in both our community and the partnered NFT community. A hypothetical example of this would be a partnership with “Sappy Seals,” in which you’d be able to use your APINA Pal in their world and claim “special L2 items.”
Utility from the partner side examples:
  • Generate their $TOKEN for staking your APINA Pal
  • Access to their Alpha Chats (if they have one)
  • Access to FUTURE Mints on their project
  • Access to their gaming ecosystems
  • Access to any applicable tools
Along with these benefits - we will keep scaling APNA Pal to create more utility which will establish more benefits for users that want to save $APINA to generate Pals.

What Is The Supply of APINA Pals?

The supply of APINA Pals will be 1:1 per Sin City Ape NFT per "Partnership". In other words you will be able to claim 1 APINA Pal per partnership per Sin City Ape you have.
Your APINA Pal will not be free, it can be purchased via $APINA for Sin City Ape holders, the cost to claim your APINA Pal will vary depending on the utility the other project provides.

When breeding what accessories will my APINA Pal have?

When breeding your APINA Pal, each NFT on both sides of the equation will be taken into factor when breeding, this means that when you are breading your APINA Pal will have a at least 1 trait that is tied into your Sin City Ape NFT, and 1 trait that is on your Partnered NFT.
APINA Pals can have multiple traits on them. You are guaranteed at least 1 trait from both NFTS, but the more traits that will be added, the harder that it gets. Trait rarity will be listed below.
  • 2 trait - Guaranteed
  • 3 traits - 50% chance of another trait
  • 4 traits - 25% chance of another trait
  • 5 traits - 10% chance of another trait
  • 6 traits - 5% chance of another trait
  • 7 traits - 1% chance of another trait
  • 8 traits - 0.01% chance of another trait
There is a maximum of 8 traits per APINA Pal
The trait that is on your APINA Pal will amplify the use case of it up to 3x depending on what the utility of the trait.

What happens if you have an APINA Pal but not a Sin City Ape NFT?

DO NOT WORRY, your APINA Pal will still have utility and it certainly will not just be sitting in your wallet with zero utility. Your APINA Pal will still have the ability to do what is listed below.
  • Stake your APINA Pal and earn $APINA token
  • Access to our exclusive marketplaces
  • Access to our Software Tools
  • Access to Future MINTS of our projects and the partnered project.
  • Access to the DAO
  • V.I.P Access to exclusive event that are held with the partnered project.