Sin City Apes

NFT Merging

How does customization of NFTs normally work?

Projects in the past have offered customization by letting users own the NFTs, but doing all the customization on central servers. On other platforms, when you add an element to land you own in the metaverse or put a wearable on your avatar, you're not actually interacting with the blockchain. Your NFT is on the blockchain, but all of your customization and configuration isn't.

What is Sin City Apes new customization technology, Escrowed NFT Merging?

Escrowed NFT Merging is a new capability that actually puts an NFT into escrow while it's combined with another one. When the NFTs are separated, they're redeemed and removed from escrow, being returned back to the rightful owner. Sin City Apes act as an escrow container for wearables in the metaverse. When you put on our wearable, it gives ownership of that wearable on the blockchain while it's worn. When you trade the NFT with the added wearables, this means that all of its wearables will be traded with it too. When you remove a piece of clothing, the wearable is removed from escrow and returned back to you in your wallet as a single NFT that you could also sell on the open market by itself.
This means that when you merge your NFT with another NFT through our website, we will automatically record it on the blockchain which gives you security and trust that nobody can tamper with your merged NFTs besides you. This also makes your NFT eligible to be a tradable asset on the open market since it is recorded on the blockchain. This makes the projects more secure and trustable.
For anyone who still doesn't get it, dont worry on our website it'll be much easier than what it seems like, in addition our team has already tested the process and everything works perfectly.