Sin City Apes


On our platform there will be multiple types of marketplaces containing a White List/Launchpad Marketplace, Sin City Ape and partnership Merchandise marketplace, an NFT Marketplace, and many more marketplaces to come in the future!

White List Marketplace

The Apina aims to partner with multiple projects that are up and coming, as well as ones who are already established. The goal is to acquire Whitepaper spots from these projects and distribute them to our holders.
How will we distribute them you ask? The answer is simple. Via the Whitepaper Shop.
Our developers have coded a shop where you can spend your $APINA on Whitelist spots for upcoming projects. The price per project will depend on the hype behind it. Not all Whitelist spots will be allocated to the shop. We will also raffle a percentage of Whitepaper spots in our discord. This will allow for those that don’t have a lot of $APINA to still get a fair chance of obtaining Whitelist opportunities.

Will there be any transaction fees?

NO! There will be 0 transaction fees to access our marketplace. We took our time and created all of this on polygon - you won't have to claim tokens and/or transact with the marketplace and have to spend any type of funds.
The way this works is we take the costs on our side. Since we built this on Polygon, MATIC is relatively cheap so we're able to use this to disable fees for our holders.
Compared to most marketplaces, it costs $20-$100 per time you want to claim tokens and another $20-$50 for purchasing the items.
Whenever you transact with the marketplace, the claim happens then the spending happens. While you stake you simply earn but when you transact it claims for you (or when you unstake it claims).

Buying Options on the marketplace

We recognize having one purchase option for every opportunity will ensure that "whales" will always capture most of the items. We wanted to properly balance this by introducing 3 buy options. This will ensure that those that don't have an abundance of $APINA are constantly getting rewarded but protects those that only have 1 Sin City Ape.

3 Buy Options:

  • Insta Buy Option
  • Raffle Option
  • Auction Option
The 3 purchase options are per item with restrictions on certain items for legal reasons (The raffle option cannot be used on ETH valued items via our marketplace).
  • 25% for The Insta Buy Option
  • 45% for The Raffle Option
  • 30% for The Auction Option
The Insta Buy Option:
This option is our “first” purchase option - it will be a reasonable price at first but then we will make this the most expensive option as the raffle and the auction system is implemented.
The Raffle Option:
The raffles would be up for a set limit amount of time. There would be a ticket price for each ticket with a maximum of X amount. (This can be fixed if you need the number).
The Auction Option:
The auction will be simple. Right now our solution is the following, you place a bid via $APINA it gets sent to a contract. It would take the Top X Amount of Bids based on the amount of winners permitted for that opportunity. If you end up winning the bid, you will win the opportunity. If you end up losing the bid, you will just simply claim back your $APINA.

Costs of Each Item?

The costs of each item will solely depend on the tiers of the opportunity but also the time of when the opportunity needs to be redeemed. We will release a tier list of "whitelist" spots, NFTs and future rewards to try to keep this relatively constant.


We implemented a couple of restrictions and will look into more to really create the most value possible. Here are some of the things we considered and are implementing to give everyone a better experience.
  • Only Sin City Ape Holders can purchase through the Marketplace.
  • You can only purchase 2 of each item.

Data Tools

In the near future we plan to implement a ranking system with our marketplaces, and give our holders the ability to use different data tool sets to acquire an edge over the other traders in the market.


We recognize that there are going to be a lot of people wanting to represent our brand, instead of just owning one of our NFTS, people will have the ability to buy our very own exclusive merchandise, only available to our community. We aim to give each Sin City Ape holder the ability to customize any piece/pieces of apparel they would like with their own custom Sin City Ape.
The clothes to chose from are listed below:
  • T-Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Hats
This will apply for any size from XS-XXL for both men and women.

Partnership Merchandise

With every partnership we have, we aim to make exclusive merchandise with them tailored to the collaboration behind it.
In addition, our holders will have the ability to claim any customized piece/pieces of apparel tailored to what their APINA Pal looks like of that specific partnership. On top of having the ability to add your own custom Sin City Ape on the apparel.

THE APINA's NFT Marketplace

In our marketplace we aim to become a better Opensea, we will have an extraordinary amount of different projects to be created, and have the ability to do it on several blockchains including ETH, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, XRP and more!

NFT Fractionalization

On our marketplace we will give users the ability to do NFT Fractionalization, to where users will have the ability to invest together with other investors in different NFTs.

Pack Openings

We will also give the ability of users to gamble and buy Sin City Ape Card packs, like in NBA 2k or Madden, we will build a system where people can buy a pack and in each pack will be around 10 different NFTs, they could all be worthless, or all of them could be worth crazy amounts of money, there is only one way to find out. With our pack openings there will only be NFTs that Sin City Apes are partners with, or if they are listed for sale on our marketplace.

NFT Upgrade System

In our marketplace, users will also have the ability to do a rocket league esk upgrade to where they can give us 5 lower tier NFT's and generate a Higher tier NFT (this is all according to our ranking system).