Sin City Apes

Access to Casino Perks/Comps

All perks and comps will be available to Sin City Ape holders, the amount you get back though will be determined on the rarity of your NFT.
Our physical and online locations will all be open to the public, but only NFT holders will be able to access the rewards center. These lucrative rewards consist of different types of cash back benefits to give you the best possible chance to win money! Each reward: Rakeback, Daily cashback, Weekly cashback, Monthly cashback, Annual cashback, Wager loss cashback, Level up bonuses, Account reloads, 1 Free night at our casino hotels, and discounts on room reservations after that.
The Sin City Ape reward system can in total provide up to 100% Money Back to holders with rare enough Apes.


Rakeback is a way of passive earning. You will get a certain amount of coins back from every bet you make. If you have one of our NFT’s active in your account you will get the percentage rakeback your NFT has on it. This ranges from 20%- 80%.
For example, if your NFT has 10% rakeback attached to it, and you wager 1 BTC on a game that has a house edge 2%, you will get 0.002 BTC back as a bonus. This applies to any amount you wager. Not only that but once the rakeback promotion is activated for your account, you will be able to get a bonus for the previously wagered amount as well, unless your account was inactive for a while. ​ Essentially, just by playing as you would normally you would get some money back as a bonus.

Cash Back Intervals

What is cash back? Cash back is another way of getting money back to you, depending on how much you wager through us, we will give you a certain percentage, based on your NFT rarity, of that wagered amount back to you. How does the cash back work? For example, say you wager X amount of $APINA, per each $APINA you wager the reward system will automatically distribute X amount of $APINA into your Cash back intervals immediately. You will only be able to claim the $APINA after the amount of time that is displayed after you wagered your money.
The cash back intervals will be listed below:
  • Daily Cash back
  • Weekly Cash Back
  • Monthly Cash Back
  • Yearly Cash Back

Wager-Loss Cash Back

When you are super unlucky and know that you haven't gotten anywhere close to the required RTP for that slot or game, you may request your Wager-Loss Cash Back and we will give you the amount that you were supposed to earn back up to the required amount you're supposed to get back. For example if the required RTP amount is 95% and you wager $1000 and only get back $500, we will give you $450 so that you're at 95% RTP. (This will apply to black jack, baccarat, etc).
To Prevent the overuse of this lucrative reward, we will only be allowing the use of this system only 1 time per wallet user.

Level Up Bonuses

On top of getting a fixed amount of free cash back for every time you level up, you will also be rewarded. We will give you a certain amount of spins (based on what level you are) on your favorite slot based on your average bet amount. For example, say you level up and you are rewarded 20 free spins and for that level you've had an average bet amount of 10 dollars per spin, we will give you 20 spins at $10 each.

Account Reloads

Account reloads are an extremely exclusive perk, depending on the rarity of your NFT we will use 10% of the profits made that day to reload all eligible Sin City Ape owner the same amount back, so say that we made $10,000,000 in profits that day and we can give away $1,000,000 to a select few Sin City Ape owners.

Card Privileges

Your Sin City Ape will have a specific card in the deck, for example you may have a 10 of diamonds. When you are playing any card game and pull only your specific card attached to your Sin City Ape, we will be awarding you with EXTREMELY SPECIAL prizes that you can chose from. These prizes will have a value that can vary on the amount your wagering at the time. These prizes can consist of the following:
(Only for Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, etc../card games)


We want to give the ability for users to take loans against their Sin City Ape NFTs and provide even more liquidity to you, if you wish.

How do NFT Loans work?

On our website you will have the ability to take out loans with any of our partnerships NFTs including any of our NFT Collections up to $15,000 based on your NFT value. To borrow any amount larger than $15,000 using one of your NFTs as collateral, contact our support team via our website and they can approve the loan in a timely manner.

Is there any interest on the loans?

NO! The loans will not have any interest or fees attached to them! Each Loan can go out for a maximum of 4 weeks, if the loan has not been paid off by then we will contact you and after we have contacted you and there is not action being taken place, we will take your NFT as collateral.

Can I still rent out my NFT while its in a loan?

In the mean time while your NFT is sitting in our vault as collateral, you can still have the ability to rent it out to the public and earn the profits. They will not automatically come to you though, the only way that we can give you the money that was acquired while you were renting it out, is that you pay back the loan.